Crafted Co-Packing and Consulting’s best attribute as a company is our ability to turn an idea into a successful product. Our new product development program uses a methodical process to take innovative ideas and bring them to market. We work with companies from beginning to end to develop a market-ready product.


Idea, Scope and Feasibility

Before deciding if we can successfully assist a client, we need to see a description of the product idea, the scope of the product and a feasibility study describing why this product should go into development. If you don’t have this, we can help!

Product Development

Based on the product idea, scope of work and feasibility study, we begin the development stage. This stage can be as simple as converting a domesticated recipe into a commercialized one or as complex as developing a product from an idea alone. We have the ability to help with the following items:

  • Recipe formulation
  • Nutrition analysis
  • Packaging compliance
  • Specification Sheet based on production facility
  • Packaging development
  • Process manual for production
  • Commercial scaling
  • Material sourcing recommendations
  • Recipe costing

On-Boarding and Launch

After the product is finalized, we can assist with scaling the product to a commercial facility and generating a process manual as well as make suggestions for improvement and efficiencies. Once the product is proven through trials and test runs it is ready to go to market.


Our costing structure is based on a standard billable hourly rate plus any travel expenses that are required. Project quotes are generated based on individual needs.


Please contact Gayle Lanphier at 717-814-9648 or [email protected] to turn your innovative concept into a successful product.